Mist Extraction System
Microscopic mist‭, ‬which cannot be spotted by naked eye‭, ‬carrying bacteria‭, ‬viruses and also pollutants exists in toilets‭. ‬The mist is formed when flushing or urinating‭, ‬the mist generation along with the pollutants it carries‭, ‬will stick onto anyone in the area‭. ‬Conventional solutions such as conventional exhaust fans or temperature control cannot really solve the problem‭. ‬Our NCCO Toilet System can remove the mist from the point of its generation and convert the harmful pollutants into‭ ‬harmless molecules‭. ‬The treated air will be redirected into the toilet‭, ‬causing no loss‭ ‬in the conditioned air‭. ‬Our NCCO toilet system provides an environmental friendly and cost-effective‭ ‬method‭ ‬in‭ ‬solving‭ ‬the existing problems‭.‬